Since the beginning of the year SIA “KG Latvija” has been providing consultations on feeding livestock by performing tests of rough feed (grass silage, corn silage, hay) with C-NIR livestock feed analyser.

X-NIR is a portable close infra-red radiation analyser of rough livestock feed. It is used for determining the content of dry matter, crude protein, ADF, NDF, starch, fat, ash and NEL in a feed sample. Results are obtained fast and in an accurate and economically profitable manner.

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Warehouse Līgatne

In April 2019, by expanding its operations, SIA “KG Latvija” opened a warehouse in Augšlīgatne with the total area of 885.3 sq.m.

Shop – warehouse Bauska

In order to be closer to our customers also in Zemgale region, the shop-warehouse of SIA “KG Latvija” in Bauska was opened in March 2019.